Veterinary Dentistry Services

When your pet needs advanced dental care, you can trust Veterinary Dentistry Specialists for dentistry, oral surgery, anesthesia, and cardiology (if needed)—all provided by board-certified veterinary specialists. It’s a level of professional expertise that’s unrivalled in the United States.

Our cardiology services are also available for any pet – they do not need to be utilizing our dentistry department to be cared for.



Veterinary Dentistry

As specialists, we provide a comprehensive array of advanced dentistry services for dogs and cats, including:
Periodontics for optimal gum health
Tooth restoration including fillings and crowns

Endodontics , or root canal and vital pulp therapies

Orthodontics to correct an improper bite (malocclusion)


Veterinary Oral Surgery

With our advanced specialty training, we have the expertise to perform a full range of oral surgery procedures, including:

Difficult/complex extractions

Oncologic surgery to treat oral cancers
Correction of palate defects such as cleft palate
Repair of maxillofacial trauma, such as jaw fractures


Veterinary Anesthesia

A full-time, board-certified veterinary anesthesiologist is involved in every case to ensure your pet’s comfort and safety – and your peace of mind:
Pre-procedure evaluation to assess your pet’s health
Individualized anesthesia dosage – no one size fits all
The latest anesthetic agents for sedation and pain control
Careful monitoring during and post-procedure


Veterinary Cardiology*

*(Mt. Laurel, NJ location only)

Patients with suspected or diagnosed heart disease can be evaluated by a veterinary cardiologist.

Outpatient cardiology services are available for pets who do not need dental or oral surgery services. Cardiology appointments are available weekly Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 8:30-4:30pm.

Dentistry patients can be seen by a veterinary cardiologist on the day of their procedure to assess heart health (if necessary) prior to general anesthesia. If a cardiac condition is present, it is imperative that the veterinary cardiologist, anesthesiologist, and dentist work closely together to ensure a positive outcome.

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